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Why Choose Us ? 

why choose us

Why choose us … We understand your needs!  As a home owner, you realize that it requires steady care and attention. Fixtures leak, junk transfers stop up, decks and fences require recolored… and the list goes on. Some of the time, caring for your home can appear to be overwhelming.  Does family, work, and social obligations keep you from handling enormous projects. Different times, you may very well not have the ability to handle a specific repair.   Like replacing a attic fan.

The moment you require help with home repairs, you don’t need to spend a whole weekend trying to figure it out. Call us at 313-246-0660.  You may not have time to install drywall or mount your new flat screen—approach Handyman Services Detroit with the problem.  Your task will be done immediately, leaving you to save your weekend and enjoy the benefits.

Handyman Services Detroit technicians have an assorted skill set and years of experience in settling basic household worries, inside and outside of the house. Handyman Services Detroit technicians can install outside screen doors, repair doors and windows.  We even install decks and fencing. Our staff can help with painting, mounting drywall, and other household projects.

CALL US: 313-246-0660


Handyman Service Experts

At Handyman Services Detroit, we have the knowledge, experience and skills to treat your home with care. We’ll handle your asset with care, so you don’t have to stress over your project. We reduce the weight of handling work escalated, tedious projects. You’ll get dependable, polite administration and exactness and productivity on each occupation.

We pride ourselves on a solid hard working attitude and moderate Handyman rates. We’ll finish your project in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination. We can deal with practically any sort of project you can consider around the house.

Let Handyman Services Detroit manage your home change projects in Detroit. We’re focused on serving you! We’ll frequently counsel with you to check that everything is agreeable to you. We make sure to provide our services smoothly and without causing you any worry.

Whatever your home repair issue might be, you can simply call and talk about your inquiries with a Handyman Services Detroit expert via telephone. Our staff will be upbeat to talk about your home repair or renovation needs.  We provide you with a free consultation with a quote for your project. Call today, and get your job planned in a matter of moments.