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Services that our of quality and reasonable is what we know you want. Every home owner has a list of home repairs or home projects he or she needs done – both inside and exterior. Some of the time that list can get very long! The bathrooms that needs redesigning. The junk transfer that is on the fritz. The basement that needs drywall repairs. Yet, with today’s bustling ways of life, who has room in their schedule or the tolerance to do it all yourself? Let Handyman Services Detroit help you get the job done more easily with our great prices.  Let us handle the repairs, changes and remodeling projects.  Give us your list—no project is too huge or too small—and spare yourself the time, cash and stress.

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Handyman Services Detroit utilizes professional handymen to repair or install new pipes in your present home, or when you are remodeling, or in a brand new home.


Handyman Services Detroit utilizes licensed electricians that can help you troubleshoot any wiring difficulties you might be having. Don’t stress! Handyman Services Detroit can and will help you regardless of how big or small the task is!

Windows and Doors

Handyman Services Detroit Home Services offers great suggestions on new development, vinyl replacement and window replacement from all the name brands. We will guarantee our work and make sure you enjoy the new installations.  Let us handle your doors and windows!

HVAC: Heating and Cooling

Handyman Services Detroit offers installation of new units and in addition yearly support! On the off chance that you permit us to clean and keep up your unit twice every year and change the channels 4 times each year, we ensure that it will last more than 15 years!


Let Handyman Services Detroit finish your painting project with the goal that you can invest energy somewhere else! Our expert painters can paint both the interior and exterior professionally! Keep in mind, we stand by our work for years.  


With home utility costs rising, let Handyman Services Detroit help you protect your attic or crawlspace to the best possible R code!


Handyman Services Detroit can install a wide range of rooftops! From cedar shake, to shingles and metal material, Handyman Services Detroit can do it!


Tired of painting the exterior of your home? Hoping to flavor up the look of a more established home? Let Handyman Services Detroit come out and install vinyl siding on your home! With a wide range of types and shades of vinyl, Handyman Services Detroit can locate the one that is ideal for you!